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Get More Clients And Grow Your Business!
Generate Unlimited Leads & Sales 
With Messenger Marketing!
While you’re an experienced entrepreneur  providing amazing services and products, starting & marketing your business can feel overwhelming!

Not to mention you feel time-strapped, marketing’s no fun, it’s too techy and most sales techniques simply feel sleazy.

That's where I come In. I build strategic Messenger marketing campaigns for varieties of businesses to attract their target audiences, build relationship with them and convert them into loyal customers, all on autopilot through new marketing trend- Facebook Messenger Marketing!
I build Messenger Marketing Campaigns for- 

         🌻 Affiliate Marketers
         🌻 Online/Digital Marketers
         🌻 Coaches and Trainers
         🌻 Wellness & Spiritual Entrepreneurs
         🌻 Restaurants
         🌻 Any other business looking to generate leads and                              sales on autopilot!

Like you, I know it's tough to grow a business. I'm here to help you get the best marketing strategies so you can work smarter, make money, and say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed.
Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:

Trusted By The Best

We are trusted ManyChat 
Messenger Bot Agency Partner

Of One Of The Messenger Ad Campaigns We Ran For Detox/Healing 8 Day Luxury Retreat in Bali!

Messenger Ad Campaign Preview 
  • 54 Leads in first 24 hours at an average cost of $0.99 per lead
  • 330 Leads in 3 Day Campaign period at an average cost of $0.25 per lead
  • 506 Targeted leads in 1 week at an average cost of $0.34 per lead
  • ​Above Average Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking of the Ads by Facebook.
Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:
We Help Businesses-
  • Get More Leads Everyday and Win More Sales Fast!
  • ​Build long lasting relationship with ideal clients so they come back for MORE!
  • ​Stand out from the competition using marketing technique that very few (if any) of your competitors are using.
  • ​Build your presence in the market 
  • ​And Much More, all on Autopilot!
hi, I am Nisha Pant

Messenger Marketing Strategist!

I was born and raised in Nepal, a beautiful country with numerous snow peaked Himalayas, hills, rivers and lakes. Besides Mount Everest (highest peak in the world) and Lord Gautama Buddha, Nepal is equally popular for ancient yoga and meditation practices. 

Yes, this is my home town!

I began my career in marketing and advertising after earning my first MBA in 2004. At that time, I oversaw marketing for clients such as Toyota and Standard Chartered Bank, to name a few. After I finished my second MBA from Connecticut, USA, I worked in credit risk department of an international oil and gas company for couple of years. 

When I had my first baby boy in Jan 2018, I decided to leave my job in credit and started doing online marketing. I took extensive training on techniques of generating leads online, social media marketing, email marketing, creating irresistible offers, designing sales funnels, building Facebook™️ Ad campaigns/Google ad campaigns, re targeting ads etc from the best in the industry. I then started promoting products for businesses like course creators, affiliate marketers, coaches, baby niche, wellness retreats, yoga/meditation centers, restaurants, doctors offices etc.

During that time, I got introduced to the world of chat marketing specially Messenger Marketing. When I started utilizing Messenger marketing, I saw significantly better results for my clients.  I first used Messenger marketing for luxury wellness retreat center. The Facebook™️ Messenger Ad campaign I ran for them got them 16 people signed up in first 48 hours of running that campaign.  I then started incorporating Messenger Marketing for wellness entrepreneurs like- yoga studios, wellness retreats, meditation centers, gym, wellness coach etc. 

My food order Messenger bot for restaurants was another hugely successful campaign. I built Messenger food order bot for restaurateurs in New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, USA, Canada and UK. The bot was designed primarily for the purpose of automating some manual tasks like taking orders on the phone or text. But it did more than that. The order bot not only saved time but ultimately helped increase orders and reduce marketing cost. 

Today, my marketing agency builds Messenger campaigns for varieties of businesses using both organic traffic as well as paid. We have helped many businesses not only achieve their goals, but many times exceed them far beyond their initial expectations.  

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What Is Messenger Marketing?
Messenger Marketing is technique of promoting products/services through a messenger bot in Facebook Messenger chat app. Basically, a messenger bot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. 

Facebook Messenger marketing enables clients to automatically contact their customers over Facebook Messenger throughout the customer journey. We can use messenger bots for various purposes like- providing information about the business, nurturing the leads, scheduling appointments, removing objections and bottlenecks, notifying about new products/services etc.

Messenger bot looks something like  👉 (desktop) or 👇 (Mobile)
Why Use Messenger Marketing?
  • ​Only 1% of businesses are using messenger bots for marketing. Businesses are not taking advantage of this powerful new technique of marketing yet. Being an early adopter of Facebook Messenger can give a huge advantage over your competitors.
  • ​​Email has 5-10% open rates and a 1% clickthrough rate on an average. Messenger, by contrast, averages 70-80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rates.
  • ​Facebook Messenger marketing has 10-80x better engagement than organic posts on the Facebook News Feed.
  • ​​When you use a click-to-Messenger ad, everyone who clicks through to “Send Message” and accepts the invite is an automatic lead on Facebook Messenger. This amounts to a 100% conversion rate for a contact list goal completion.
Using systems like Messenger, even a 1 man business can compete with giants thanks to true conversational automation which is one of the major keys to sales. Conversation is the most important and often overlooked part of the sales process. Why? because if you can talk to someone and get to know them you’ll discover how they might benefit from your product and be able to offer them a direct solution to THEIR problem using YOUR product.

The biggest problem with this idea to date is that you would have to have a team of people on the phone or at events non stop and that’s just not viable for a small company...

But now with Messenger being used by nearly 2 Billion people, and our ability to fully automate the conversational process inside of it, small companies can finally generate more sales with less effort and time involved to do so... WHILE providing a quality experience for their user which enhances the relationship for the long term. Lets look at some stats-
  • 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month.
  • ​Facebook is number one downloaded app of all time. Followed by Facebook Messenger, number two.
  • ​Messenger is adding users at a rate of 666,666 per day.
  • ​​85% of mobile messaging app users in the world use a Facebook messaging product.
  • ​​Facebook Messenger users send 8 billion messages a day.
  • ​Every day, there are 260 million new conversations launched over Messenger.
  • ​​​It can send texts, photos, videos, attachments and can even take payments. 

Messenger Bot Demos!

I can give you all the information on Messenger Bot, but you won't really understand the potential until you experience one for yourself! 

How Can Messenger Marketing
Help You?
Beat Your Competitor!
Supercharge your business by creating autopilot marketing campaigns that reach open rate stats of 80%+. You can beat your competitor to their terrible 3% email open rates, and have your niche audience respond to you instantly... every time (with over 80% response).
Get More Sales!
It will help you convert more leads into customers by solving their objections, removing bottleneck, answering to their queries and providing information instantly through engaging personalized conversations all on autopilot. 
Build strong relationship With Your Clients!
It will allow you to be in regular touch with your current and prospective clients providing them value, gifts, tips, offers all on autopilot. Which means as an Entrepreneur, you are always in touch with your clients and can be there for them whenever they need you. It all happens in fun and engaging environment without you having to do anything manually. 
You Can Do All That
Spending too much time!
Technical or Coding Skills
Any Other Ninja Marketing Strategies
What's MORE?
The possibilities are endless for you! Through Messenger Marketing, you CAN
Keep Your Clients Happy!
Customers want results and answers, NOW. Messenger Bots make it easier for your current/potential clients to connect with your business by answering their questions 24/7.
Showcase Your Brand
Customers expect a more authentic relationship with businesses. Messenger bots engage customers in a 1-to-1 conversation without distractions through humor and storytelling.
Scale Your Business
Messenger Bots can be built and trained to enhance your marketing, sales, support, brand building helping you scale and grow your business.

more time and freedom
Messenger Bots can handle all of the monotonous stuff. Which allows you to focus 100% on important tasks that require your personal attention.

customer Intelligence
Messenger Bots allow you to collect information like email, phone numbers, location from your current/potential clients in a conversational and intuitive manner!

Nurture Leads
Messenger Bots can act like a personal concierge to your clients by recommending programs, services, offers, products that match their needs.
and so, so much more...
Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:

 l Call to Action Headline

Messenger Bot Use Cases!

How You Can Use Messenger Bots For Your Business

Scenario 1- launching new Programs, Services, Offers, Products
Potential client can sign up to the messenger bot on a landing page like this one or your website or through Messenger Ad or Post in Facebook. 

They now become your bot subscriber and we can send them notification and invitation to try out new services, offers, products and programs when available. Access could even be limited to bot users only,creating a level of exclusivity.

Businesses get almost instant access to potential clients through the Facebook Messenger interface and they also receive their email addresses for future email marketing purposes.
Scenario 2- You want to Collect Reviews!
Your clients receive a message from the Messenger asking if they would like to review your programs, services, offers. If they give a negative rating, the bot can ask why they failed to get a 5-star review.
Example: customer clicks 3 (from a list of 1 to 5). The Messenger bot asks if the service, product, offer, pricing,  or something else was not up to their expectations. (This kind of information is hard to extract in a normal review form). The bot presents simple, clickable buttons so the whole process is less time-consuming for the reviewer.
Scenario 3: You are attending networking events!
When you go to networking events, you normally give your visiting card or brochure. And most of the times those get piled away somewhere without getting any attention. You get out of sight and out of mind of your potential clients.

We can build networking bot that gives information about who you are, what your business is and where they can find you like- Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. 

We then create a scan code which can either be put on your phone directly or printed and put on your visiting card, or brochure. When someone scans that, they are connected to your networking bot and can get all the information about you inside the messenger bot itself.
Scenario 4- Retreat Booking Bot
You provide all the detail of the retreat like locations, pricing, types of retreats through the Messenger bot. This bot can be put on your website or Facebook Page or Messenger Ad. Once a potential customer gets interested, you ask them about date, time, location, package. 

This is all done through clickable buttons. When they make the selection, you send them to booking site with all their information filled out. The only thing left to do now is to click Book Now button.

Once the booking is complete, the chatbot channel can be used as a communication channel with the customer to send further updates.

Scenario 5-  Convert Facebook page fans into Potential Clients!
You put a messenger bot in Facebook Business Page. When anyone clicks that "send message" button in your page, they will receive all the information they need without waiting for you to get back to them. 

The bot will ask them what they want to learn and provide information accordingly. It can give them details about your programs, offers, products, pricing, amenities with pictures, locations with map etc. 

Your followers can call your business or book for the programs or offers directly from the messenger bot. It will be like mini website inside your fan page.
Scenario 6- Deliver A free gift to generate inquiry and leads!
Once the user clicks Get Started or communicating with the bot (which features prominently on the website, facebook page) the bot offers a free gift. An example could be 14 Day Free Trial.

Remember that the customer does not have to type their email and phone number as the messenger platform can provide a clickable button with the information pre-populated. This removes the friction and generates more leads.
These are just few Examples, there are many more Ways You Can Use Messenger Bots For Your Business!
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How To Get Started?
How Can You Get Started?

1. Book A Free Discovery Call

Book a Free 15 minute strategy session to access what your marketing goals are and how I can help you bring more customers through messenger marketing campaign. 

We can talk about your challenges and what you want to achieve today, tomorrow and even, next week.

2. Deep Dive Into Your Needs!

During the call, we'll really take a deep dive into your business and pinpoint your problems, marketing goals and the best ways to achieve them through Messenger Marketing Campaigns.

3. Proposal And Package 

After the call, we'll gather all the information and put together a clear game plan of Messenger Campaign that best resolves your problem or help you achieve your marketing goal.

I will prepare a proposal with all the details for you to review and approve!

What Some Of My Clients Are Saying...
"Nisha did such an amazing job creating my Bot. I LOVE it!! She was creative and it's great combination of playful and professional. I highly recommend her service if you want to add this unique and special touch to your business.

She was so organized, knowledgebale, and also gave me great video to explain how it all works. Thanks Nisha!! 💗"

Sue Vittner
The Manifestors Way
"Thank you Nisha for the work you did with my bot.
The implementation was easy and I absolutely L❤️VE how fun and engaging you made it. 👏

Nisha was professional and knew a lot about the Many Chat system. She implemented things that was suited to my business that I didn't even know I could do. Highly recommended.🤩 Thanks again."

Charity Hinchliffe
My Wedding Compare
"The food order bot she built for us is brilliant! Nisha is brilliant to deal with too!"

Diana Chow
Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:
Messenger BOTS We Build!
Lead Generation Bot
Once the user clicks Get Started or starts communicating with the messenger bot, the bot offers a free gift in exchange of their email address. This helps open channel of communication with them via messenger as well as emails both.

FB Messenger Ad Campaign Bot
Messenger Ad bot is used with Facebook Messenger Ad. Regular Facebook ads lead potential customers to a landing page while Messenger Ad directs them to Messenger App and opens up the chat with our messenger bot.

FB Business Page/Fan Page Bot
This is the bot you put in Facebook Business Page or Fan page. When anyone clicks that "send message" button, they will receive all the relevant information about your business without waiting for you to get back to them
Food Ordering Bot
This bot will be like your private UberEats or Doordash without the competition. Customers can make their selection and order food directly from the Messenger!
Delight Bot
As the name suggest, its main purpose is to delight your clients by answering their questions, offering gifts, resolving issues, giving suggestions and tips etc. Its primary purpose is to nurture rather than sell.

Networking Bot
What if you could have a business card that works wonders for follow up, impresses your new friends, AND does not cost you hundreds to have printed?All you need is a Messenger Digital Business Card/Networking bot. 

Product Launch/ Special Offer Bot
This bot is primarily used when launching a new offer, program, product. The bot will notify clients about new launches.
Scheduling Bot
This bot helps users schedule appointments with your business  through Messenger or Calendly inside the bot itself.

Customized Bot
We build varieties of other bots!! We can build customized bots that are specifically designed to meet your particular marketing goal. Schedule a free strategy call to discuss about all the other options.

Limited Time Offer!
We are offering amazing discounts on some packages!
Call us now to book your discovery call to discuss about the discounts!
 Services We Offer!
Creation and setup of the Messenger Bot that best fits your marketing goal.
Strategies to increase sales and brand awareness utilizing organic/free and paid traffic sources.
Set up of Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns with copy, creatives and laser sharp targeting techniques.
Collection of email address, phone numbers for omni channel marketing!
Segment users based on specified criteria like interests, behavior, actions etc for future sequences.
Creation of custom URLs and scan codes or QR codes for the bot.
Segment users into cold, warm and hot audiences for followup sequences.
Creation of broadcasts and sequences to connect with your customers at all times.
24/7 Live Chat support to answer your questions/concerns
Maintenance Package Includes- Management of the bot, optimization based on analytics, adding new flows as needed, updating information, resolving issues, making sure bot complies with Facebook rules and regulations and Live chat support.
Set and Handover Package Includes- 2 weeks support to help you manage the bot and resolve any issues.

Subscribe to our VIP list to receive gifts, marketing tips, strategies and updates on our offers!

Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:
Summarize what sort of transformation happened because of your offer.
your awesome product name
With a Powerful Tagline That Gets Them Excited to Buy Today!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do My Visitors Access My Messenger Bot?
There are several ways that a person can enter your Messenger bot. Some examples are- your website, Facebook business page, url link that can be used anywhere, emails, Messenger Ads, Comments in Facebook post, QR code, scan code etc.
Won't Messenger Marketing be Intrusive To Peoples Lives?
This is a common misconception. In reality, according to a Facebook-commissioned study by Nielsen, 56% of people surveyed would rather message a business than call customer service, and 67% expect to message businesses even more over the next two years.
Aren't Bots Considered Spammy?
Only when they are not built and used properly. Messenger marketing is permission based marketing and if you don't follow this rule, your bot can look spammy. 

We make bots that comply with Facebook rules and regulations and we strictly follow permission based marketing and ethics surrounding building messenger bots. Which is why our bots look and interact like a friend rather than unwanted visitors. 
What Kind Of Messenger Bots Do You Build?
We build Messenger Ad bots, Special offer bots, product launch bots, networking bots, lead generation bots, concierge bots, delight bots, scheduling bots, birthday promotion bots, quiz bots, daily tips bots to name few. 

We also build special customized bots to fulfill your current marketing goals. Book a free strategy session to see that kind of bot will be fit for your business.
What Kind Of Services Are Included?
In addition to setting up your Messenger bots with automated sequences and flows, we also provide other services like- Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign set up, segmenting users for future sequences, lead scoring that helps determine cold, warm and hot leads, 2 week support for handover bots, creating URLs or scan codes for your bot so you can share it anywhere.

With maintenance package- We will manage the bots for you which includes- adding new flows/sequences, updating information, resolving technical issues, optimizing the bot based on analytics and user behavior, making sure bot complies with Facebook rules and regulations and live chat support.
Do You Manage The Bots?
Yes, absolutely. We give you 2 options to manage the bot. If you want to manage the bot yourself, we set up the bot for you and hand it over. We will provide 2 week support where we will show you how to manage the bot and resolve any issues. 

You can also choose to let us manage the bot for you. In that case, you will not have to worry about anything. We will add additonal flows to the bot when needed, update information, optimizer the bot, resolve technical issues, make sure bot complies with Facebook rules and regulations and provide live chat support.
How Long Will It Take To Build My Campaign?
Anywhere between 2 days to 3 weeks. It all depends on the complexity of the bot. If its a simple bot, we can build it within 48 to 72 hours. However, a more complex bot can take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks. We can let you know how long it will take to build your camapign during strategy session call.
What About The Pricing?
Pricing totally depends upon the type of Messenger bot you choose, complexity of sequences, integrations with 3rd party system and management of the bot. We send you the pricing package after we figure out what kind of bot you are interested in during strategy session. 
What Happens If There Is Any Issue With The Bot?
When we set up the bot, we will make sure it doesn't have any issues and is according to your requirement. But, there can be some issues that can't be foreseen in advance. 

If you choose an option of "set up and handover", we will provide 1 week support to resolve any kind of issues you may have with the bot. We can also provide instruction on how to resolve some of the common issues for future reference.

When you choose to let us manage the bot, you do not have to worry about any issues. We will handle them all.
If you have any other questions, you can email us at nisha@nishapant.com or book a free stretgy session call below.
Book a FREE 15 minute Messenger Marketing Strategy Session to assess what your goals are and how I can help bring you more customers through Messenger Bots:

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Nisha Pant
203 551 0811

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