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Increase Profit And Save On Commissions To Food Portals 
For Limited Time ONLY!!
Increase Profit & Save On Commissions To Food Portals 
Using Messenger Food Ordering System!!
Build Your Restaurant 
it's very own 
 food ordering BOT 
Inside Facebook™️ Messenger
  • Take unlimited take out/delivery orders from Messenger itself!
  • ​Connect with customers where they already are- Facebook™️ Messenger. Deploying an execution in Messenger puts you instantly in the hands of nearly every consumer in your desired location. 
  • Save on commissions to food portals with your very own Messenger ordering system. 70% of customers would prefer to order directly from restaurants.
  • No need for your customers to install or visit any third party food ordering app.
  • ​No competition with other restaurants.
  • ​The menu items and descriptions can be changed, added and deleted simply by updating a row in a spreadsheet.
  • ​Can be installed on your website, Facebook™️ Page or shared via link and scan codes anywhere you want.

Trusted By The Best

We are trusted ManyChat 
Messenger Bot Agency Partner

Build And Handover Package


Original Price- US$499/One time 

    One Time Set Up Fee (Excludes $29/mo software fee)
  • We will build and set up the bot on your website and Facebook Page and provide URL link and scan code to share
  • We will maintain and optimize the bot for 2 weeks and make necessary changes as required.
  • At the end of 2 weeks, we will handover the bot to you with instruction video on how to maintain the bot yourself.
  • ​There will be 24/7 support available for the software where the bot will be hosted and maintained.

Build And Maintenance Package


Original Price- US$249/Month

  • We will build and set up the bot on your website and Facebook Page and provide URL link and scan code to share
  • We will maintain and optimize the bot DAILY to make sure everything is working fine.
  • We will make small changes inside the bot as requested.
  • ​We will provide Live Chat support as needed.
  • ​ Bot software monthly fee is also included in this price.
What's Included!!

1. Complete Set Up of Food Order Bot Customized To Your Restaurant
Customers can browse menu, pick multiple items, choose quantity, add extras, set up tips, provide address, include special instructions and make payments all inside Messenger!!

2. Abandoned Cart Follow-Up Set Up
We will set up one followup sequence that will be sent to the customer if they add items to their order but do not purchase. This followup will help turn abandoned orders into sales!

3. Integration with Payment Gateways
Order bot will be connected to your Stripe or Paypal account so you can accept payments inside the Messenger directly.

4. Set Up Bot On Various Platforms
We will set up your ordering bot on your website and Facebook™️ Fan Page. We will also provide URL link to share anywhere you like. We will also create scan code of the bot to put on your menus and printables.

5. Analytics
We will provide analytics on open rates, engagement and ROI on your ordering bot.

 6. Maintenance of Bot
We will maintain the bot for you for free for 2 weeks. At the end of two weeks, you can either let us continue to maintain bot for you for a small monthly retainer or you can maintain the bot yourself. If you decide to maintain bot yourself, we will provide instructions on how to do that.

Available Upgrade- Facebook™️ Messenger Ad Campaign Set Up
We will run Facebook™️ Messenger Ad campaign for your food ordering bot to get more customers FAST. We will set up the whole campaign including creatives and targeting. We will even set up your Facebook™️ pixel. You can just sit back and relax and take care of the orders! 

* Monthly fee for the bot building and content management tools are not included- The current fee for starter plan of the bot software is $10/month and the content management tool is $19/month.  So total $29/month is extra.  (Price in US Dollars)
How It Works?

We've Streamlined a Fast 3-Step Process For Messenger Food Order Bot

1. Order Messenger Food Order Bot by clicking "Buy It Now" Button.

2. We'll email you a link to an on-boarding document to fill out within 24-48 hours. We can also schedule a call to discuss strategies and options if you want.

3. You will receive the bot to review. Once you approve, we will set up the bot on your Website and Facebook™️ business Page. We will also provide you URL link to share with your email subscribers, post on social media or share anywhere else. We will create scan code to put on your prints as well.

  We will maintain the bot for 2 weeks. During this time, we will optimize the bot, resolve issues if any and make sure it complies with Facebook™️  rules and regulations. At the end of 2 weeks, we will provide you the instructions on how to maintain the bot yourself. You can also let us maintain the bot for a monthly retainer fee. 

What Some Of My Clients Are Saying...
"Nisha did such an amazing job creating my Bot. I LOVE it!! She was creative and it's great combination of playful and professional. I highly recommend her service if you want to add this unique and special touch to your business.

She was so organized, knowledgebale, and also gave me great video to explain how it all works. Thanks Nisha!! 💗"

Sue Vittner
The Manifestors Way
"Thank you Nisha for the work you did with my bot.
The implementation was easy and I absolutely L❤️VE how fun and engaging you made it. 👏

Nisha was professional and knew a lot about the Many Chat system. She implemented things that was suited to my business that I didn't even know I could do. Highly recommended.🤩 Thanks again."

Charity Hinchliffe
My Wedding Compare
"The food order bot she built for us is brilliant! Nisha is brilliant to deal with too!"

Diana Chow
why Messenger Food Order Bot?
As soon as someone interacts with your order bot, they automatically become your Facebook™️ Messenger subscriber. That means you can communicate with them even after they have left the bot by scheduling broadcasts and sequences. You can also live chat with them when you want.
You can add many other functionalities with the order bot like- answering FAQs, providing info about your restaurant, hours and locations, delivering special offer coupons etc. You can even collect data like- emails, phone numbers, addresses etc directly inside the Messenger! 
You are able to reach customer in an app that they use DAILY to communicate your offering without the same "noise" that comes with sending emails. 
Emails have 5-10% open rates and a 1% clickthrough rate. Messenger, by contrast, averages 70-80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rates. That means, 70-80 people per 100 people will open messages you send through Messenger.
You can create look-a-like audience in Facebook™️ based on Messenger Subscribers. Which means Facebook™️ will go and search for people who look like your current customers. That's highly targeted audience. You can run re targeting campaigns to these subscribers which has much lower cost and high conversion rates.
Save on cost, time and minimize human errors in taking orders by deploying an automated system that will work on your behalf 24/7 once set up.
and so, so much more...
How Does The Order Bot work?
Customer enters your Messenger food ordering bot through a channel

(Channel can be-  Your website, Facebook™️ Page, Email, Link on Social Media Post, scan code on your menu, Facebook™️ ad etc.)
customers browse the menu and place the order!

(They Can Select Multiple Items, Quantity, Tip, Provide Delivery Address And Make Payment All Inside The Messenger)
Order will appear automatically on the google sheet shared with you. You Will Also Get Notification Via Email And Messenger Itself. 

(It Will Have All The Details Of The Order With special instructions and Delivery Address) 
Send the order via delivery,  or customer can pick up without leaving their car (curbside pick up)

Preview Of The Messenger Food Bot

here is the area to tell your story
hi, I am Nisha Pant

Messenger Marketing Strategist!

I was born and raised in Nepal, a beautiful country with numerous snow peaked Himalayas, hills, rivers and lakes. Besides Mount Everest (highest peak in the world) and Lord Gautama Buddha, Nepal is equally popular for ancient yoga and meditation practices. 

Yes, this is my home town!

I began my career in marketing and advertising after earning my first MBA in 2004. At that time, I oversaw marketing for clients such as Toyota and Standard Chartered Bank, to name a few. After I finished my second MBA from Connecticut, USA, I worked in credit risk department of an international oil and gas company for couple of years. 

When I had my first baby boy in Jan 2018, I decided to leave my job in credit and started doing online marketing. I took extensive training on techniques of generating leads online, social media marketing, email marketing, creating irresistible offers, designing sales funnels, building Facebook™️ Ad campaigns/Google ad campaigns, re targeting ads etc from the best in the industry. I then started promoting products for businesses like course creators, coaches, baby niche, wellness retreats, yoga/meditation centers, restaurants, doctors offices etc.

During that time, I got introduced to the world of chat marketing specially Messenger Marketing. When I started utilizing Messenger marketing, I saw significantly better results for my clients.  I first used Messenger marketing for luxury wellness retreat center. The Facebook™️ Messenger Ad campaign I ran for them got them 16 people signed up in first 48 hours of running that campaign.  I then started incorporating Messenger Marketing for wellness entrepreneurs like- yoga studios, wellness retreats, meditation centers, gym, wellness coach etc. 

My food order Messenger bot for restaurants was another hugely successful campaign. I built Messenger food order bot for restaurateurs in New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, USA, Canada and UK. The bot was designed primarily for the purpose of automating some manual tasks like taking orders on the phone or text. But it did more than that. The order bot not only saved time but ultimately helped increase orders and reduce marketing cost. 

Today, my marketing agency builds Messenger campaigns for varieties of businesses. We have helped many businesses not only achieve their goals, but many times exceed them far beyond their initial expectations.  

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We are offering 60% OFF on the Messenger Food Ordering Bot Set-up with all the features for Limited Time Only!

HURRY! Get Your Food Order Bot Today!!
Client Result!!

One Of The Messenger Ad Campaigns We Ran For Retreat Resort in Bali!

Messenger Ad Campaign Preview 
  • 54 Leads in first 24 hours at an average cost of $0.99 per lead
  • 330 Leads in 3 Day Campaign period at an average cost of $0.25 per lead
  • 506 Targeted leads in 1 week at an average cost of $0.34 per lead
  • ​Above Average Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking of the Ads by Facebook.
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